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Himalaya® Baby Cream is a topical cream intended for daily baby care. It is specially formulated to protect your baby's tender skin on cheeks, nose, and elbows from dryness and flakiness. Himalaya® Baby Cream contains all-natural raw materials that have only beneficial effects on your baby. More info

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Himalaya® Baby Powder is a gentle powder for making your baby skin fresh, cool, dry and soft. It preferably used after every bathing and while diaper changing. Himalaya® Baby Powder is applied on face, knees, elbows. Himalaya® Baby Powder is clinically tested, a daily-use remedy for kids and infants as well. More info

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Himalaya® Gentle Baby Shampoo gently cleanses the hair, takes off dirt and excess oil. Due to a special formulation, shampoo doesn't cause tears and eye irritation in babies. It is rich in protein, which ensures strong and healthy hair. Using Himalaya® Gentle Baby Shampoo you will notice that your baby's hair is soft, strong and shining. More info

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Himalaya® Gentle Baby Wipes with light and fresh fragrance are designed for daily use in babies while diaper changing or for other accidental spills and spit-ups. The wipes are alcohol-free and mild enough for tender baby skin. More info

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