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BD Discardit® II syringe with needle is a sterile disposable syringe designed for subcutaneous, intramuscular, and deep intravenous injections. This medical tool also can be used for aspiration of corporal fluids for laboratory testing. More info

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BD Ultra-Fine® needle insulin syringe is a sterile disposable syringe for subcutaneous injections of insulin. It is designed for patients suffering from types 1 and 2 of diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes). This syringe is easy-to-use and causes almost no pain due to the shortest needle. More info

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Eyeliner applicators are disposable tools used to apply Bimatoprost solution (Lumigan®, Latisse®, Bimat®, Careprost®) to the lash line when treating eyelash hypotrichosis. Each applicator is a thin brush with soft bristles allowing you apply Bimatoprost carefully without wasting a single drop. More info

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Pill cutter is a handy lockable tool used to carefully divide pills into smaller parts and store them. Useful for tablets of various sizes including small ones, that may be hard to cut in half. Made of lightweight secure plastic. More info

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Sterile water is a clean, nonpyrogenic, distilled water used for injection use only after addition of a medication that needs to be diluted or dissolved. It comes in single dose containers that should be disposed after the first use. Sterile water for injection can also be used as a dispensing container for diluent use. More info

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