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Often people feel lack of energy, having a normal lifestyle. The reason for the weakening of immunity may be vitamin deficiency or even seasonal depression. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the normal functioning of the body. Their lack is reflected in all the organs and systems. A person is usually experiencing a breakdown, lack of vitality, decreased tone and fatigue. This situation can not be solved without pharmaceuticals help, luckily there are wide range of supplements additives and vitamin complexes most of which are natural and containin daily essential dosages of vitamins and microelements.

Prednisone belongs to the class of steroidal hormones and is widely used for the treatment of diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, adrenocortical insufficiency, hepatitis, eczema, leukemia, as well as in allergic diseases. Main component of medication is Prednisone that has anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive action. More info

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Strattera is a highly effective medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It contains the active chemical compound Atomoxetine, which increases the amount of the chemical noradrenaline in the brain, thereby decreasing impulsiveness and hyperactivity. More info

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Generic Aldactone is an effective medication which helps to fight with hyperaldosteronism, hypokalemia, edema, ascites, hirsutism, alopecia (baldness), acne. It can be also used together with other medicines to treat myasthenia gravis, precocious puberty, high blood pressure. Generic Aldactone acts by controlling the level of water and salt and by decreasing the potassium loss from your body. More info

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Ambroxol is a mucolytic agent which reduces the thickness of the sputum. It is used to treat conditions with the abnormal mucus secretion, allowing the patient to breathe freely and deeply. More info

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Generic Antabuse is a high-quality medication which is taken in treatment of alcoholism. Generic Antabuse acts by blocking the breakdown of alcohol, causing unpleasant side effects (eg, vomiting, upset stomach) when even a small amount of alcohol is consumed. It is an alcohol-abuse deterrent. More info

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Ayurleaf® Body Mass is a blend of herbs designed tosupport a proper metabolism while helping in gaining weight naturally. The product is beneficial for the appetite increase and protein intake, helping elevate energy levels and get the desired body shape. Best suited for patients over 14 years of age. More info

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Ayush Herbs® A-Oxy Natural Anti Oxidant is a nutritional supplement based on organic herbal extracts. The regular consumption of these capsules improves overall health saturating the body with antioxidants and Vitamin C. Namely, Ayush Herbs® A-Oxy Natural Anti Oxidant enhances immunity function making the body less vulnerable to respiratory tract infections, increases metabolism, detoxifies the organism, prevents premature aging, and supports cardiac function among other valuable effects. Suitable for adults and children, safe for long-term use. More info

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Ayush Herbs® En-Vita-Forte Immune Booster Syrup is a nutritional supplement formulated to strengthen the immune system , relieve fatigue, and counter daily stress. Infused with Ayurvedic herbal extracts, this syrup helps to fight infections, recover from cold or flu, and prevent diseases from reoccurring. Suitable for adults and children. More info

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Ayush Herbs® Flucomune Immunity Enhancer is nutritional supplement developed to promote immunity function and make a person less vulnerable to various disorders, like infections and viruses. The regular intake of these caplets strengthens immune system, speeds up recovery from a disease, and prevent the disorders from reoccurring. Made of organic Ayurvedic herbs and safe for long-term use. More info

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Ayush Herbs® Haldi Immunity Enhancer is a herbal supplement aimed at promoting immunity function and supporting overall health. If consumed on a regular basis, these capsules strengthen the immune system, accelerate immune response, speed up recovery processes, and make a person less sensitive to infections and viruses. Infused with organic Ayurvedic herbs and safe for long-term use. More info

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Ayush Herbs® RX-Cold Cough & Cold is a herbal supplement for respiratory tract and immune system. If taken on a daily basis, these capsules boost immune function, accelerate immune response, speed up recovery from common cold and flu, and help to alleviate the symptoms of respiratory diseases (runny or blocked nose, sneezing, cough, headache, fever, scratchy throat, and muscle ache). Made of organic herbs and safe for long-term use. More info

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Cytoxan is used for treating certain types of the following cancers: lymphoma, multiple myeloma, leukemia, mycosis fungoides, neuroblastoma, ovarian cancer, eye cancer, and breast cancer. It is usually used in combination with other medicines. It may also be used to treat certain kidney problems (nephrotic syndrome) in children or for other conditions. More info

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Detrol is an effective medication which helps to fight with overactive bladder with symptoms of urinary frequency, incontinence, urgency. Detrol acts by blocking the nerve impulses that prompt the bladder to contract. More info

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GenF20 Plus® is a supplement aimed to rejuvenate the body by stimulating the production of human growth hormone (HGH). Increased HGH levels improve overall health, making an individual feel much better and look younger. GenF20 Plus® ensures benefits for adults regardless of the age. More info

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Organic India® Amalaki is a herbal dietary supplement with high concentration of Vitamin C. If used daily, Organic India® Amalaki improves overall health conditions, strengthens immune system, promotes eyesight, and supports the body during aging processes. Contains only vegan and certified organic ingredients. More info

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Organic India® Moringa is a highly nutritious herbal supplement containing high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and potassium among others. Formulated for people suffering from malnutrition and those who need extra nourishment daily (e. g. chronic patients, growing children, pregnant women, new moms, athletes, and body builders). Vegan and certified organic. More info

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Oxytrol medicine contains oxybutynin which reduces muscle spasms of the bladder and urinary tract. Oxytrol is used to treat symptoms of overactive bladder: frequent or urgent urination, incontinence (urine leakage), increased nighttime urination. Oxytrol works by reducing muscle spasms of the bladder and urinary tract. More info

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Generic Prograf is an effective medication which is used to prevent rejection of kidney, heart, liver transplants. It can be used together with other medicines. The effectiveness of Generic Prograf is in decreasing immune system of the body. More info

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