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Viruses can cause a wide range of diseases and conditions. Nowadays medicine knows at least 300 virus related diseases. The most widespread of them is cold and flu. Almost 6 years of life as average everyone of us spends on fight against cold and flu. This time it became possible to avoid them with the use of Anti viral medications as now they are also used for the prophyilactic preventive measures in order not to get infected. Anti viral drugs are intended for the treatment of various viral diseases. Depending on the disorder and various properties of antiviral agents they are administered orally, or topically (in the form of ointments, creams, drops).

Generic Combivir is used for treating HIV infection in combination with other medicines. More info

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Epivir is an antiviral medication that prevents human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cells from multiplying in your body. Epivir is not a cure for HIV or AIDS. Epivir is used to treat chronic hepatitis B. Epivir works by blocking the ability of the hepatitis B virus to multiply and infect new liver cells. More info

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A new FDA-approved antiviral medication Hepcinat is seen as a genuine breakthrough in the treatment of chronic Hepatitis C. Not only does Hepcinat have a very high efficacy rate but it is also very well tolerated. More info

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Rebetol is a high-class antiviral medicine which is taken to treat such diseases as severe RSV infection, hepatitis C infection (used in conjunction with sofusbuvir or peginterferon alfa-2b or peginterferon alfa-2a) and other viral infections. More info

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Sustiva is used to treat HIV infection in combination with other anti-HIV medications. If Sustiva is the only drug you take to treat HIV infection, it may stop working. More info

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